T.G.I.F…. Let’s examine this concept…

Another Friday has arrived – and the start of the weekend is here.

The term TGIF really encapsulates to me the difference between being an entrepreneur and working 9 to 5 for an employer. The term implies that work week is over and Thank God it’s Friday. It’s a release – a reason to celebrate not having to work. It always reminds me of “Office Space” and the dread that many employees have towards their jobs. It is a term that means I don’t love what I do and now I have three days of not having to do it. And on every level that is a sad sentiment. In a perfect world, we should love what we do and work shouldn’t be work – but a source of accomplishment and something we don’t treat like a communicable disease, that the weekend and Friday is the cure for.

Start-up businesses and entrepreneurs can’t really say TGIF – as the weekend affords the time to continue to work on projects and come up with new ideas. The most amazing thing about that is – people don’t mind doing the work over the weekend. When you cultivate your own idea and are building towards an end goal, it’s not work anymore. It becomes a passion, something you want to do.

So, I am keeping this post short tonight – I hope all of us will eventually get to the point where TGIF is removed from our vocabulary and we look forward to doing what we love 7 days a week!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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