History of Marketing

Marketing Trends – 1/29/2020

I'm sure that all of us - marketing professionals and consumers - have out inbox filled daily with newsletters and industry related emails. When you really take the time to read through them, the information you can glean is pretty amazing. So, here are a few of the stories that caught my attention: Google is … Continue reading Marketing Trends – 1/29/2020

Data Privacy Day 2020

January 28th, 2020 is National Data Privacy Day. The purpose being to raise awareness for both individuals and agencies to make sure that there data, no matter where it is stored, is protected and safe. In an age where we all have smart phones, apps for shopping and banking, as well as multiple social media … Continue reading Data Privacy Day 2020

Creating Brand Recognition with Design

One of the most important things to do with your brand is to build awareness and recognition. There are many ways to do this with unique marketing, but one of the most visceral and easily to manage is in design of logos and posts for your business. Consumers will respond on both an emotional, as … Continue reading Creating Brand Recognition with Design