NO is not an option for Entrepreneurs

Last night I gave some insight into how Bedford Street Marketing, LLC is approaching our pricing strategy. Thematically, I’ve been interested in writing about mindset one needs in the early stages of business development. In my post on Monday, I briefly touched on why phrases like I can’t and I don’t should be removed from your vocabulary. Tonight I wanted to delve a little more into that concept and specifically the word No.

Webster defines No as Not any or used to give a negative response. The word I am going to highlight is negative. No equals inactivity or telling yourself or a client that something cannot be done. It is really the biggest Debbie Downer of all the words in the english language.

debbie downer.gif

My advice is remove No from your nomenclature and forget the word even exists. If there is a skill that you are not quite familiar with, don’t say No, I can’t do that. Instead, say I can do that – I just don’t know how yet. Take the time to invest in resources and a little gumption to teach yourself that skill. If a client asks for something that you are not 100% sure you can provide, accept the project and learn how to do it.

On the road to success, No is a roadblock. It impedes your progress and also your growth as an individual. If you are familiar with the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carry, it’s a bit like that concept.

No place limits on how high you can fly and also keeps you trapped in the place where you are. By removing No from your thought process, opportunities will present themselves – and all it takes is saying Yes or I’ll get that done to accept them. We all want to evolve as people and we want to see our businesses expand. No is an expansion killer and in some cases, a outwards sign of self-doubt and fear. Two things that are sure to derail any dream.

Now, a word of caution, be careful with how far you take this idea. If a client or friend is asking you to partake in something that is illegal or risky, then saying No is sometimes ok. As long as the opportunity doesn’t compromise your moral standards, then by all means step up and accept any challenge or project that comes your way.

In closing, to be successful the word No cannot exist in your life. I implore you all to think about this idea and hopefully find ways to limit the No’s in your path to success!!!


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