Marketing 101: Saul Goodman Style

Better Call Saul is back for it’s final season. Along with Breaking Bad, this has been an amazing show and really found a niche among it’s viewers.

One of the things I love about the show, as a social media marketer, is how Saul uses marketing to enhance his brand. While Saul has some questionable motives, his ideas on expanding his brand and messaging is pretty inspirational. Let’s point out just a few in this blog post.

OmniChannel Approach: Over the course of the show, Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman, has hustled to get business. From the billboard (outside media advertising) in season 1 to the free cell phone giveaway in the “Magic Man” episode last night, the mixture of marketing used enhances his brand and reaches his target audience. Over the course of the show, we’ve seen Saul use TV commercials, bus stop bench advertising, direct mail (when he was starting the Class action suit for Sandpiper Crossing & business cards at the ready.

What is the message here? Your target audience uses multiple channels to make the decision on which service they will use. Simply using one channel is not enough in 2020. You have to integrate all the channels available to get your message out and make customers connect with your brand. The more ways a potential customer sees the value add of a service or product – the more they are likely to decide to use that service. Here are a few interesting stats: Engagement rate: 18.96% on omnichannel vs 5.4% on single-channel. Purchase frequency: 250% higher on omnichannel vs single-channel. Average order value: 13% more per order on omnichannel vs single-channel. Customer retention rates: 90% higher for omnichannel vs single-channel.

As the stats bear out, the increase of Engagement, Purchases and retention when a consumer sees advertising on multiple channels vs just one is astronomical.

Sales Pitch: One of the things we admire most about Saul Goodman is his sales pitch. Sure, sometimes it’s akin to the Used Cars Salesman pitch, but it’s effective. Aligning yourself with like brands and news events is paramount in how a consumer will see your brand. There is a connection made in the brain that your brand aligns with another product they trust – and thus, your brand is one they want to work with and connect with.

A real life example of this is sharing articles on your business Facebook page. We love titles like Inc., Fast Company, Entrepreneur and other business publications. The articles are in-line with our goals and beliefs as a brand. We’ve been sharing articles from these titles and the response is amazing. The likes, shares, comments & engagement they drive is off the charts. Additionally, it drives people to visit our site and puts our brand in the front of their mind.

Perseverance: No matter how many time Saul gets knocked down, he always comes back. That keep hustling mentality is key to making a business grow and expand. As a start-up firm and entrepreneur, this is something we embrace and love that the show highlights!!!!

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