Bedford Street Forum

In 2020, Bedford Street Marketing has expanded our brand and just released a new product, the Bedford Street Forum. The idea has taken some turns but we’ve finally got it down. It’s a simple premise – a website community of entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses & concerned citizens. In a world where we are all so driven by our day to day demands, a network where we can connect with like-minded people and share conversation seems needed.

The goal here is to encourage people to discuss their local communities, share their favorite places to go, engage with and possibly find business partnerships & a place for free lancers to post their services – ALL FREE. Of course, you have to register for the site and create a profile – but this is so the community can get to know you.

We’ve built a WordPress site, that is a fully functioning Social Network. This includes member profiles, discussion forums, private messaging, discussion groups & a calendar of upcoming events. See gallery below of the site:

These tools are meant to foster and encourage discussion, create friendships and spur creative partnerships. In each of our communities, there is so much untapped talent – and we miss it if we aren’t looking for it. The Forum aims to bring that talent into one convenient place. The site is even powered with PWA – meaning you can download the site as a mobile app. Basically, the Forum goes where you go!!!

We invite all of you to visit the page and join the community!!!!


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