Innovative, Intelligent & Idiosyncratic…

Happy Monday and we're halfway to Halloween!!! Tonight I am looking for feedback from you, my faithful followers. Every good business has a tagline - a catchy summary of what their brand image signifies. When I was making some changes to my website a few weeks ago, I started thinking about what I wanted the … Continue reading Innovative, Intelligent & Idiosyncratic…


Brand Extension – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Another week almost done and the weekend is right around the corner!!! As I was working and thinking about promotions and ideas to improve Bedford Street Marketing today, the idea of brand development and brand extension popped into my head. We, as a firm, are still in the brand development phase - fine tuning our … Continue reading Brand Extension – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Analyzing Results – The Profit Margin Fallacy

Hello friends and happy Thursday!!!! The weekend is almost here and September is half gone - it's hard to believe. I wanted to talk about how we and our clients analyze the results from our various marketing campaigns. In too many cases over the years, I've heard business owners and clients deem a campaign a … Continue reading Analyzing Results – The Profit Margin Fallacy