Innovative, Intelligent & Idiosyncratic…

Happy Monday and we’re halfway to Halloween!!!


Tonight I am looking for feedback from you, my faithful followers. Every good business has a tagline – a catchy summary of what their brand image signifies. When I was making some changes to my website a few weeks ago, I started thinking about what I wanted the Bedford Street Marketing brand to stand for – and then it hit me, as I was making changes to my About Us page….. Innovative, Intelligent & Idiosyncratic. Well the first two hit me – and then I had to good synonyms for “off-beat” or “different” – and there it was – good old Idiosyncratic. It’s also why I picked the Wynonna Ryder quote from “Beetlejuice” as the featured image for this post.

The reason I  latched onto that tagline was it really summarized what I want the business brand to mean – and it perfectly sums up my personality as well. Since the business is really an extension of who I am as a marketing professional, it just felt right as the saying goes.

Innovative – As a marketer and individual, I try to be innovative. I’ve always tried to do things in a way that was a break from the norm. Not that normal is bad, but it’s boring. As a company, I strive to come up with solutions that aren’t the average run of the mill marketing campaigns.

Instead of focusing in on one channel, I try to think in omni channel terms. How can we utilize data, print, email, digital and social media as a package to get the message out to customers and prospects? Instead of testing a generic package that everyone has tried – why not go a little edgy or different to stand out to today’s consumer? Innovation is taking proven methods and putting your own unique spin on how they are executed – in life and business. So, the first component I wanted to convey in my tagline was expect the unexpected and not the typical marketing advice everyone else offers.

Intelligent – Intelligence goes hand in hand with innovation, so it’s a natural follow-up. I am not going to toot my own horn – but I am pretty darn intelligent. Intelligence allows us to properly plan – be it a marketing effort or your daily routine. Intelligence mixed with innovation means finding unique ways to solve problems.

Idiosyncratic – This, in my opinion, was the piece de resistance. Being peculiar or individual, or as Lydia Deetes so perfectly put it… I myself am strange and unusual. This signified bringing innovation to a different level. It was a word that brought to life the concept that some of the ideas being presented may seem strange or peculiar, but they also are effective.

A prime example is the content I post on my Social Media accounts. As a marketing firm, I see a lot of pure promotional posts and posts relating to marketing concepts. In my opinion, this will limit your reach and also lends itself to content that people don’t want to interact with or comment on. It’s why I mix in the traditional – but also focus in on odd national days (like National White Cane Appreciation Day) or odd historical facts (like did you know yesterday the cast that became the basis for the Amityville Horror movie commenced?). These non-sequitor posts bring in different audiences and increase the reach of my content. One never knows where a perspective client may be hiding – and can’t be shy about engaging all potential prospects.

So, what do you think? Do you like the tagline? Comment, email us at or visit us at and let us know.


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