The Importance of Compatibility in Business

It's another hump day and we're halfway through the week. Yay!!!! Bill Gates, a true inspiration to any individual starting a business, once said " Software is a great combination of artistry and engineering." Another great quote on compatibility come from Fran Drescher, she of the "The Nanny" fame and her unique voice, who said … Continue reading The Importance of Compatibility in Business


Another Facebook Data Breach….

Happy Monday, my friends!!! The big news over the weekend was that on Friday Facebook announced another data breach - this time affecting over 50 Million users. An unknown hacker, using a combination of 3 bugs was able to exploit a feature in Facebook's code for user accounts and gained access to sensitive account information, … Continue reading Another Facebook Data Breach….

The Quest for Social Media Followers

It's a new week and September is almost over!!! This year is truly flying by, but the fall weather is here and that is a blessing. It's been a really productive and educational month for Bedford Street Marketing, LLC. After taking a few months off from posting to social media, I started in earnest the … Continue reading The Quest for Social Media Followers