The Importance of Compatibility in Business

It’s another hump day and we’re halfway through the week. Yay!!!!

Bill Gates, a true inspiration to any individual starting a business, once said ” Software is a great combination of artistry and engineering.” Another great quote on compatibility come from Fran Drescher, she of the “The Nanny” fame and her unique voice, who said “Our greatest compatibility was in how we complimented each other’s neuroses.”

the nanny

The reason I am prattling on about compatibility (and late 90’s TV sitcom stars) is that I ran into a technical issue today with two seemingly incompatible software platforms – and it got me thinking about compatibility in a more global sense.

First the technical issue – as I’ve noted in other blogs, I am painfully old school when it comes to a lot of things, including technology. My PC is a Dell and I am still running Windows 7 Professional as the OS. But knowing that Microsoft will eventually be phasing out 7, in favor of Windows 10 and more recent operating systems – I purchased a Microsoft Surface to have a more updated machine.

Excited about my new toy, I rushed home today and went about setting up the new machine. I am still running updates on it, but when I went to set-up my email accounts – the issues of incompatibility reared it’s ugly head. Since Microsoft runs on the exchange/outlook platform – and my email is with Google G Suite – it appeared that I would not be able to add my business email to my new machine, as there was an software incompatibility issue. After a few Google searches on the topic, it appears there is a work around to get Gmail accounts on the Surface email application, which is a great relief to me!!!

This is where the issue of compatibility crept into my head. It struck me that two mammoth corporations like Google and Microsoft should be able to allow their software to work on each other’s platform. Millions of users of Google, also have outlook email accounts and a seamless platform to have all your email in one locations makes business sense for both.

In a much broader sense, as entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, we too are looking for compatibility with our customers, prospects and followers on social media. It’s the entire basis of forming a clear branding strategy – to find others who see our vision and want to be part of it. People who are compatible with the direction and services you are offering into the economy.  This inherent “compatibility” is what drives someone to like an Instagram feed, respond to an email offer or choose to work with one consultant over another. Compatibility fosters trust and honesty – and when a client chooses a consultant to market their brand – they trust them to do the right thing and to maintain the inherent brand integrity.

The point here is to always make sure in the promotion of our own firms, or that of our  clients – we respect that compatibility we’ve built up. We value the trust that is being placed in us by clients  and that the messaging we use is honest. Compatibility is the basis of many relationships, including business ones. Businesses who forget that fact, don’t last long.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Have a great Wednesday!!!


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