Generational Marketing – A Trip thru the Ages

The consumer marketplace is 2018 has up to 5 active generations transacting, making them all prime targets for prospect marketing and CRM campaigns. I am going to focus in on the big three, in my opinion: Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennial (Gen Y).

Data….. Integrity in 2018

Sooo.... anything interesting happen in the Direct Marketing world today? I've seen multiple memes and jokes on my Instagram (streetbedford) and Twitter (st_beford) about Mark Zuckerberg going before Congress and the data breach at Facebook. While I chuckled at most and laughed heartily at a few, it got me thinking about data and it's role … Continue reading Data….. Integrity in 2018

A Word about Marketing Channels

Ahhh... the good old days. Remember them -  when marketing a business or product had the choices of direct mail, print media and maybe TV/Radio. In 2018, things have changed!!!! Now navigating the marketing channels is like swimming with sharks and trying to figure out which channel is best - well, that is the holy … Continue reading A Word about Marketing Channels