A Word about Marketing Channels

Ahhh… the good old days. Remember them –  when marketing a business or product had the choices of direct mail, print media and maybe TV/Radio. In 2018, things have changed!!!! Now navigating the marketing channels is like swimming with sharks and trying to figure out which channel is best – well, that is the holy grail!!!!

It is important to realize that choosing the right channel(s) starts with your business goalw or product line. If your target market Millennial’s, then digital, SEO, Social Media, mobile marketing and re targeting are  the best way to go. For the Boomers and Gen X, the channels above work – as well as direct mail and print media options like Valpak, insert media and postcard mailings.

Bedford Street Marketing sees all these channels as symbiotic in the direct marketing and Customer Retention eco-system. While these channels on their own can generate significant income and response – a targeted campaign utilizing multiple channels is the most effective way to maximize your marketing dollars. For example, using your own customer file or targeted prospecting files – a strategy of email marketing, with digital advertising re targeting to the same population is a great way to capture premium response rates.

And don’t forget about the old tried and true channels – direct mail and insert media channels. While the cost of mailing  can be a hindrance, reaching someone in their mailbox with a targeted offer still drives great response rates.

Most importantly,  finding the right Marketing partner to help you attain your goals with the right channel mix is key to success. Check us out at http://www.bedfordstmarketing.com/contact-us to see how the Bedford Street Marketing approach can benefit your company today!!!!


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