Affiliate Marketing – Mixed bag so far

One of the ways to earn income as a start-up that I’ve read a lot about and dabbled in a bit is Affiliate Marketing. I have to be honest, even following all the suggestions on this topic – I haven’t really seen this as an effective channel, but I am not going to give up on it.

The one “Affiliate” channel that has produced some revenue has been Google Adsense. By serving ads on my site, I’ve seen a steady increase in my monthly earnings via click thru and view. This by far is the easiest of the programs I’ve got involved with – but it’s not exactly a big dollar earner. It’s a steady flow of income, albeit small amounts – but it truly takes little management and the more you promote your site – the more you earn. So, it’s a win-win.

The one program I am a little disappointed in and I’ve promoted it a lot is the GoDaddy reseller program. I’ve set-up a pretty nice storefront page and try to promote it on social media. However, since about May, I have seen no sales and it seems like people would rather go to GoDaddy directly than buy via reseller. I am going to have to see if it’s worth the upfront cost when renewal time comes, but it is one that I am iffy about for sure.

The benefits of affiliate marketing are definitely understandable. If you simply can get the message out for a brand you like, the commission is a nice “passive” income. I think however , that is the tricky part – it’s not really passive.

I am opening this post to my followers – what affiliate programs have you used and recommend? Are there any tips that you could offer on how to make these programs more fruitful?

That’s it for a quite Friday night – and any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated!!!  Have a great weekend.


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