Unexpected Good Fortune… springboard to more

Happy Thursday and Welcome to November!!!! It is indeed a happy Thursday.

Sometimes in life, we get so caught up in the negative and it seems the harder we try to get ahead – the further we fall behind. It’s like expending massive amounts of energy to only find out that the path you were taking has come to an end.

Sometimes though, things happen that make you expect the unexpected and believe the unbelievable – which can lead to achieving the unachievable. I had one of those moments this week. If you recall, one of my first posts was Zooey and Me – A Branding Analogy

It was essentially a piece on how owning and caring for a pet is like cultivating a brand relationship with a consumer. Sadly, in August, I lost my Zooey to an illness and it was a major set-back – both personally and on the Bedford Street Marketing front. It was like having the wind knocked out of you. I pushed forward and picked up on my social media branding efforts in September and October, but there was something missing. A piece of me that was essential to my drive seemed a bit off.

Two months have past and recently I was looking for a new kitten to no avail. It felt like walls were being put up to block me from that path. And then the unexpected happened, a friend contacted me about a kitten that was available and in need of a good home. On Halloween 2018, the unexpected arrived and it has got me thinking that it’s when you start to lose hope – the universe responds.

The motivation I had when I first started my venture is back again.  I am thinking about how to approach 2019 and close out 2018 on a high note. I feel inspired and driven again. If I had let myself dwell on the negative and close off myself to opportunities, I probably would not have found my new feline assistant. And that makes me think, that no matter how  quiet things may be on the business front – it is never unachievable.

So, my friends, expect the unexpected, believe the unbelievable and achieve the unachievable.


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