Product Spotlight – Bedford Street Marketing Website Builder

Today I am going to take some time to spotlight one of the more unique offerings Bedford Street Marketing has to offer our clients and customers. It’s our website/Marketing API – Bedford Street Marketing Website builder. Thru our partnership with a provider, we can offer easily customizable websites with domain, matching business email address, SEO and Email Marketing tools & 24/7 Customer service. Thru June 2019, all yearly pricing onweb hosting products are discounted – 10% off 1 year, 25% off 2 year and 50% off 3+ years.

So, let’s highlight some of the great features this tool offers:

Domain Registration: Find the perfect domain for your blog, company website, personal website or on-line store. We have domains ranging from .com, .biz, .fun, .org and many more. So no matter what type of business or site you want to launch – our Website builder will find multiple options for you and you pick the one that fits best!!!

Website Builder: Once you have that perfect domain name, you’ll need the perfect site to match it. We’ve got you covered with over 200+ templates to choose from for whatever your website will promote. Once you pick your theme, the navigation is easy to use – create as many pages as you like. Include slide shows, videos, information about your site and whatever else you want to add. It’s your site – let your creativity shine!!!

Marketing Tools: Now that you have your domain and website, you’ll need to market and promote the site. Included in your website builder are linkage to all your social media accounts, SEO optimization by page (so each page ranks high in Search Engines), add Google Analytics to your site to track visits and their activities or link a Google Adsense account to the site and make money by serving ads, add a Facebook Pixel to track visitors from your Facebook business page, Pintrest metatags, and much more.

Our Website Builder gives you all the tools needs to market your site and make sure everyone can find it online.

Email Options: With Bedford Street Marketing Website Builder, you can add in a mtaching email address. This simple streamlining of having your email domain match your website gives customers or visitors the feeling of security about your website. Set up multiple accounts if needed!!!!

Additionally, create sign-up forms on the site to capture Name, address, email address, phone number information from your visitors. Once you capture an email address or a multitude of them, utilize the email marketing tool to promote your items, send out a monthly newsletter or thank them for visiting the site. All this is included in the tool.

Blog: Blog away to your hearts content with our tool. Website builder offers a blog that allows you to capture subscribers and let the world know what is on your mind.

Other options include Cpanel – which allows you to manage multiple websites and website security and back-up options.

In closing, our Website builder is a true one-stop shop, at affordable pricing, to get your brand online, as early as today. We invite you to visit our site and let us help you launch your dream website.


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