Bedford Street Forum

In 2020, Bedford Street Marketing has expanded our brand and just released a new product, the Bedford Street Forum. The idea has taken some turns but we've finally got it down. It's a simple premise - a website community of entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses & concerned citizens. In a world where we are all so … Continue reading Bedford Street Forum


Weekly Community Highlight – Feline Rescue Organizations

Happy Friday!!!! After my blog last Friday on the Arts and Crafts on Bedford event, I decided that one post per week would be reserved for shining a spotlight on my local community. It might be a call out for the best restaurants in the area or upcoming local events that should not be missed. … Continue reading Weekly Community Highlight – Feline Rescue Organizations

Education – the building block for Success

As I was scanning thru my email today, I came across an email from my Alma mater, Holy Cross. It touted a pretty impressive stat - "The College of the Holy Cross is once again among the colleges producing the highest number of Fulbright students, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education, which published its … Continue reading Education – the building block for Success

Marketing Consulting – The Importance of being Idiosyncratic

Happy Hump day and welcome back to Bedford Street Marketing Insights!!!! We are fast approaching a year since we officially became an LLC and are taking this week to blog about our products and services. It's our way of letting you know - our unique marketing approach, strategy and pricing. Let's start with our tagline … Continue reading Marketing Consulting – The Importance of being Idiosyncratic

Product Spotlight – Bedford Street Marketing Website Builder

Today I am going to take some time to spotlight one of the more unique offerings Bedford Street Marketing has to offer our clients and customers. It's our website/Marketing API - Bedford Street Marketing Website builder. Thru our partnership with a provider, we can offer easily customizable websites with domain, matching business email address, SEO … Continue reading Product Spotlight – Bedford Street Marketing Website Builder

How is Marketing Like Cooking?

In addition to being a Direct Marketing professional, two of the things I enjoy doing are cooking and comic books/comic book media. While Marvel( may reign supreme at the box office, I'm still a DC fan at heart - especially Batman. The villains in the Batman universe are so much fun and have a depth … Continue reading How is Marketing Like Cooking?

Spring into action… and new ideas

Happy first day of Spring 2019!!! Spring is universally seen as a time of rebirth, renewal and regrowth... a time when the cold of Winter is behind us and warmer days are to come. Another interesting fact about March 20th is that in 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, was first published and … Continue reading Spring into action… and new ideas

Simple Ideas… Spawn Great Innovation

Fun historical fact from 1892 today. Lord Stanley Preston had a trophy commissioned for the top ranking amateur hockey club in Canada. In his own words,  "I have for some time been thinking that it would be a good thing if there were a challenge cup which should be held from year to year by … Continue reading Simple Ideas… Spawn Great Innovation

November – a Time for reflection

As we get to the middle of November, it's the perfect time to do a marketing evaluation. 11 months are in the book and you've got the results from multiple campaigns. It's also the time to decide if the partners you are working with are meeting expectations and to decide if you want to vet … Continue reading November – a Time for reflection