Meet our Newest Affiliate Partner – Amp Smart

It’s almost May – hard to believe.

Wanted to take some time to introduce you to our newest Affiliate Partner – and offer you great deals on their services.

AmpSmart Home Security and Automation

Promo Code: Bedfordstreet

We’ve recently partnered with Amp Smart Home Security & Automation.

Home Security Made Easy

It truly is sleek and smart – and easy to install and use. I have a condo that is under 1,000 SQ Feet – and they tailored a system to fit my needs. This system is a a great fit for homes large and small. Door Sensors, motion detector, indoor camera and a Wifi Panel that makes controlling the system convenient. Add on home automation features like controlling the thermostat and lights that allow for cost savings on your monthly bills – and you have a great system.

In my opinion what seperates Ampsmart from other services is their technology. Instead of using hard-wired options to connect the system, it’s all done over the Wifi network in your home. This allows you to not have to mount the control panel, damaging a wall and makes the control panel portable. Additionally, with the Ampsmart App – you can control the entire system from your phone – arm, disarm or just check in to see that all is ok when you are not at home.

Another great feature is that the motion sensor does not get set off for pets under 40lbs. So, if you have cat (or kitten in my case), his crazy antics and racing around – do not trigger false alarms.

If you are in the market for a home security system, we highly recommend going to Check out the system and if you like it, use promo code Streetbedford to get a great deal.


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