Marketing Consulting – The Importance of being Idiosyncratic

Happy Hump day and welcome back to Bedford Street Marketing Insights!!!! We are fast approaching a year since we officially became an LLC and are taking this week to blog about our products and services. It's our way of letting you know - our unique marketing approach, strategy and pricing. Let's start with our tagline … Continue reading Marketing Consulting – The Importance of being Idiosyncratic


How is Marketing Like Cooking?

In addition to being a Direct Marketing professional, two of the things I enjoy doing are cooking and comic books/comic book media. While Marvel( may reign supreme at the box office, I'm still a DC fan at heart - especially Batman. The villains in the Batman universe are so much fun and have a depth … Continue reading How is Marketing Like Cooking?

Innovative, Intelligent & Idiosyncratic…

Happy Monday and we're halfway to Halloween!!! Tonight I am looking for feedback from you, my faithful followers. Every good business has a tagline - a catchy summary of what their brand image signifies. When I was making some changes to my website a few weeks ago, I started thinking about what I wanted the … Continue reading Innovative, Intelligent & Idiosyncratic…