The Importance of Local Businesses

Think about the shopping habits of the average US Consumer in 2018 and it becomes obvious that ease of purchase has become key. People want to be able to go to Amazon or Walmart or, search for their desired product and buy it. In this digital age of shopping, where does that leave the … Continue reading The Importance of Local Businesses


Spring Time for Marketing

Happy Thursday and almost weekend!!!! Finally we're seeing some Spring Weather and the doldrums of winter seem to be fading away. Aside from the weather improving and buds on the trees, I know it's Spring because my allergies are in full bloom. Traditionally, Spring is a time for rebirth and a sense of new beginnings … Continue reading Spring Time for Marketing

Living the Dream…. becoming a Reality

Welcome back to our Marketing Insights blog!!!! Yesterday's post about Sub-Segmentation was a bit long, so we promise to keep this one short. We've been tackling a lot of industry issues that have been in the news lately - from data protection to sub-segmentation of data sets. Tonight let's talk about the start-up life and … Continue reading Living the Dream…. becoming a Reality

Random Thoughts on a Friday Night

Welcome back to a Friday edition of Marketing Insights!!!! I don't have a theme for this post. It's just a few random thoughts on a variety of topics. Topic 1: 420 Day My Social media news feed and even some of the traditional news channels are talking about 420 day. For those who aren't familiar, … Continue reading Random Thoughts on a Friday Night