Living the Dream…. becoming a Reality

Welcome back to our Marketing Insights blog!!!! Yesterday’s post about Sub-Segmentation was a bit long, so we promise to keep this one short. We’ve been tackling a lot of industry issues that have been in the news lately – from data protection to sub-segmentation of data sets. Tonight let’s talk about the start-up life and how it affects our overall feelings about where we are headed.

The seeds of Bedford Street Marketing LLC have been in the ground for a while now. Over the past few years, the idea of running my own business has crossed my mind and quickly been discarded out of the usual reasons – fear. Fear hiding behind reasoning like “it’s not the right time”, “i’m not ready yet”, “I need more (fill in the blank) before I can do that”, and others. 2018 was an awakening. I realized if I waited to take my shot – I’d end up regretting not having done so. The quote “The things you regret most in life are the risks you didn’t take” resonated with me. So, I did it – I took that first, very scary step into the world of entrepreneurship.

As many of you know, there are costs associated with making an dream into a reality. These are both material – setting up a website, building an infrastructure so you can operate, advertising costs, and many more. Additionally, there is the personal cost – which can make you very tired. But, as I am learning, it’s a satisified tired. Designing your website, so it appears and functions just how you want it to – amazing feeling. Sitting down to write a nightly blog about the marketing industry and knowing people like it – amazing feeling. You spend a lot of energy and effort, but the pay-off is seeing your ideas succeed and grow.

Being very new to starting up a business, I am amazed at the wealth of opportunity that is available to help you market and grow. On the periphery, I was aware that companies like Google had tools to help businesses expand. However, once I started digging deeper – programs like Analytics, Adwords, Adsense and their GSuite for email were amazing. Simple to set-up and monitor and cost-efficient.

The research I have done into Affiliate Marketing programs shows me that there are ways to build ancillary income, as you are building your own brand image and prospecting for customers. While these programs take some marketing efforts to work, the fact that they exist are again simply amazing. They take a lot of the fear away because you aren’t just waiting for that first customer, but have the ability to generate income from ancillary streams as you develop your branding and do prospecting.

Finally, there is a great community of entrepreneurs on social media. Through my Instagram and Twitter accounts, I’ve seen a significant growth in my followers and those I follow. The interaction, albeit a post that is inspirational or direct messaging to discuss industry topics, shows that there is a general sense of community in this group. Bedford Street Marketing hopes to be able to partner with some of these people and collaboratively grow together.

Most important is the feeling that you are heading in the right direction and forging your own path. Thanks to all of you who have been reading my blog and I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!


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