Spring Time for Marketing

Happy Thursday and almost weekend!!!! Finally we’re seeing some Spring Weather and the doldrums of winter seem to be fading away. Aside from the weather improving and buds on the trees, I know it’s Spring because my allergies are in full bloom. Traditionally, Spring is a time for rebirth and a sense of new beginnings – and for the marketing industry, this is true as well.


I’ve been working in the publishing and marketing agency ecosystem for more than 2 decades now. I clearly remember from my publishing days that the March Direct Mail campaign was the last big mailing until September. Spring and Summer were usually quite months, where planning for September took place and occasionally, a Summer mailing would go out.

In 2018, that has changed – our industry has been reborn and Spring and Summer offer great opportunities now. Prospects have multiple devices and targeting them with Summer/Spring themed offers is a good strategy.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas for how to engage customers in the Spring/Summer season:

Email Marketing:

Everyday I get emails from Home Depot and Lowes offering their spring line products – seeds, outdoor furniture, yard equipment and other related products. As a marketing consultant, think about advising your clients to  piggy back off these spring concepts in your marketing. It’s a time when local brands can sow the seeds of customer loyalty by great branding email campaigns. For instance, local restaurants and eateries can show off their latest Summer drink specials or seasonal-inspired dishes. Ask prospects to sign up for a weekly email that highlights what’s new and offer coupons/discounts to get people to come out to your establishment. It’s a great time to create your brand image and build relationships with potential ambassadors of your brand (loyal customers). For more on branding, see Zooey and Me – A Branding Analogy

Digital Advertising and Re-targeting:

People are always available in 2018. Whether they are on vacation or just taking a staycation, they have a mobile device with them. People are constantly searching Google and other search engines for products and items that will help make their Summer/Spring more enjoyable. Capture the IP addresses and cookies of the visitors to your sites and serve them ads for the products on similar websites and their social media pages. The more you stay in the face and top of wallet of a consumer – the more they are likely to purchase. A note here – be careful with how you approach this strategy. There is a fine line between persistent and annoying and you want to stay on the persistent side of that line.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Thanks to all of you who are following my blog and please leave me some comments to let me know how I’m doing. If there are any topics that you want to hear about – let us know and we’ll incorporate them into our blog calendar.


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