Art and Crafts on Bedford – A weekend treat!!!

Happy Friday!!!! We made it and the weekend is here. I usually use this blog to talk about branding and how to market effectively – but tonight, I am going to dedicate a little time to give some free publicity to some local events.

As we get closer to fall, there are a ton of great events and fairs that are happening every weekend. In Connecticut, there are so many interesting events to go to and enjoy the lovely Autumn weather. A great site to visit is

leaves falling

The one I am going to highlight for this weekend is Arts and Crafts on Bedford in Stamford. How could I not – the event is literally right outside my front door!!! This event allows you to shop at the craft and artisan boutiques on Bedford Street, which will be closed to traffic for the weekend. Dine in the extended sidewalk cafe. And even includes an Imagination Station with “hands on” activities for kids including farm animals, chalk the walk, face painting, crafts and more.

One of my first blogs was The Importance of Local Businesses and how they are the engine to making our economy strong again. Arts and Crafts on Bedford is an event that is this philosophy in action.

I highly recommend visiting one of the cafes or restaurants on Bedford Street for lunch or dinner. You’ll find a variety of cuisines and the food is top notch in all of them. Additionally, with the extended sidewalks, there will be live music to enjoy while having a relaxing drink.

For more information,go to

All the craft and artisan boutiques are amazing and there are always interesting and hidden gems to be found. These local artists are part of the local/small business community and supporting them is part of showing the importance of local business.

On a side note, one of my favorite is the animals that the Stamford Museum brings for the Imagination Station. There are always baby goats, potbelly pigs and some really large bunnies there!!! So adorable.

baby goat dancing

So, my friends have a great weekend and hopefully, you’ll take advantage of the Arts and Crafts on Bedford, if you’re in the area.



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