Election Day -Active Participation is required; like in business

It’s Tuesday November 6th and it’s Election Day 2018. It’s a Mid-term election which usually produces lower turnout than the Presidential variety every 4 years. As I was at the polling station today, I started thinking that voting is a lot like making a move in your career – active participation is needed or your complaints are not really valid. If you complain about the leadership of the country or how much you dislike your current employment situation – but don’t do anything about it, who is really to blame? I think we all know the answer but sometimes don’t want to admit it.

So, for my blog tonight I wanted to focus in the topic of how to remain focused and an active participant in the evolution of your brand and business.

Be a part of the Process:

I know this seems like a no brainer, but it’s the most important part of the process. Don’t fall prey to the Hollywood movie plot, where good fortune finally comes knocking on your door. Success is a combination of hard work and failure. So, be an active participant in the story of your success.

It’s like the voting analogy – if you are unhappy with the current state of affairs, but feel like your vote doesn’t matter, then you’ve surrendered. It’s only by going out an actually voting for the change you want, that you aid in the process. In business, it’s the same deal. If you don’t like your current situation, take a stab at starting your own LLC or actively search for a new job. You will not effect change by sitting on your can and waiting for that mystical, perfect offer to fall out of the sky.

So, step one is be part of the process.

Play by your own rules:

Ever notice when voting, people like to tell you that voting for a third party is a “wasted vote” because there is no chance that party will win. They try to box you into a false dualism where there are only two choices.

Well, let me be the first to tell you there is no such thing a a “wasted vote” or “wasted opportunity” in your career. Sure, by playing along with the majority it might be more accepted and even an easier path – but if you feel strongly about something, always choose the closest to what you believe – even if it might be a long shot.

People who tell you that only two choices exist in the voting realm – are likely to tell you to stay in a job you dislike for security and the benefits. Does that make any sense? Keep your soul unsatisfied because it’s the easier path. I recommend you vote for the third party, start your own business, and take the job as a Ring Master in the Circus, if it is what you want and what you believe in.

Play by your own rules – not those that are imposed on you.

Keep a sharp eye on your competition and be innovative:

We all have competitors in our particular vertical that we keep our eye on and watch for the things they are executing. This is an important part of being an active participant in your success. Actually, there is an entire industry dedicated to competitive analysis reporting for brands.

Knowing what others are doing is the best way to stay ahead of them. It breeds innovation and creativity. If we see our competitors doing something we offer, we can see how our method is more intelligent, innovative and idiosyncratic; and how much better it is. The advantage of keeping tabs on our competition is the ability to counter and get ahead on the next brilliant idea.

Always keep moving forward:

Maybe you’re going through a blue period or just feel tired, it’s at that moment you push forward even harder. The key to being an active participant is always pushing ahead, no matter what is going on in life.

The moment you let situations impeded your progress, that’s when someone else sneaks in and takes the lead.



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