No Time like the Present….

Tonight’s blog is literally derived from me getting pulled away on an emergency and having my usual schedule thrown asunder. It was this that got me thinking about time and the importance of it – in life and in business. Like the featured image for this blog says Time is more valuable than money because there is a limited amount of it. So, how you spend your time is one of the most important investments everyone tends to overlook.

Steve Jobs time

When we are ready to start something, it’s called the right time. Honestly, the right time is always the moment you are living in. I think of my 30’s and how the idea to attempt my own business began to germinate in my mind. Sure, in the moment, it was just an idea and I lacked the discipline and prerequisite knowledge to start such an endeavor. But as a strong proponent of Einstein’s theory of relativity, I believe that “The distinction between past, present and future is stubbornly persistent illusion” and “Time is what prevents from everything happening at once”. So, where I am now, making a go of that idea that started over 10 years ago, is simply an extension of time and space. The distinction between that time and now is simply everything not happening all at once!!!

We all lament that we don’t act in the right moment, didn’t start something sooner or didn’t spend time with people when we had the chance. Well, my friends – there is no time like the present to start doing what you want.  Even tonight, I had a lot I wanted to accomplish – my blog post, work on some landing page creative, get my content for tomorrows social media posts – and yet, even with the interruption, I am still strangely on schedule.

So, my dear readers – don’t lament time. Don’t waste time. Start acting now towards what you want and make things happen!!!



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