Zooey and Me – A Branding Analogy

Apr 10th 2019: As it's National Farm Animals Day and in 1866, the ASPCA was founded - I wanted to repost this article. It's bitter sweet, as my Zooey got sick towards the end of last year and I had to put him down - but have no fear, my new fur baby, Oscar, is … Continue reading Zooey and Me – A Branding Analogy


Spring Time for Marketing

Happy Thursday and almost weekend!!!! Finally we're seeing some Spring Weather and the doldrums of winter seem to be fading away. Aside from the weather improving and buds on the trees, I know it's Spring because my allergies are in full bloom. Traditionally, Spring is a time for rebirth and a sense of new beginnings … Continue reading Spring Time for Marketing

National Teacher Appreciation Day 2018

I wanted to devote my blog post today to a very special group of people in our country - Teachers. Whether you are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a Marketing Consulting start-up, in our educational careers, we all have encountered one or two teachers who made a difference in our lives. Someone … Continue reading National Teacher Appreciation Day 2018

Marketing Lessons from a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

We made it through another week. Summer is definitely in the air and Happy Star Wars Day - May the Fourth be with you!!!! That's what tonight's blog is about - the lessons direct marketers can take away from the success of Star Wars and all of it's marketing tie-ins. Let's start out with a … Continue reading Marketing Lessons from a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

Breaking News!!!!

Happy Thursday and if you know what happened to Spring, the police are currently investigating it's disappearance. I have some great news to share with you all tonight. I started out this week blogging about Small Business - Small Business Week – The American Dream in Action - and it's importance to our economy. I am happy … Continue reading Breaking News!!!!

Direct Mail – The Forgotten but Ever Effective Channel

Happy Tuesday and it's finally nice to see Spring show up!!! Quick Quiz for you: What Channel delivered a 5.1% response rate in 2017? Give up.... it's Direct Mail. That's right, the much maligned Direct Mail channel. With everyone pushing for more A.I. driven marketing, digital targeting, mobile targeting and social media targeting - the … Continue reading Direct Mail – The Forgotten but Ever Effective Channel

Small Business Week – The American Dream in Action

Happy Tuesday and Happy Small Business Week!!!! April 29th to May 5th is National Small Business Week, highlighting the contribution that the nearly 30 million small businesses make to US Economy. Another fun fact is small businesses employ almost 50% of the US workforce. President Calvin Coolidge said "The business of America is business" and … Continue reading Small Business Week – The American Dream in Action

Marketing DNA – we all are Data Scientists

Happy Wednesday and if you pay attention to the National Days Calendar, today is National DNA day, which commemorates the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003 and the discovery of the double helix of DNA in 1953.  An odd topic for a marketing blog to discuss, but there is a connection, I promise. But first, … Continue reading Marketing DNA – we all are Data Scientists

Sub-Segmentation….. New Term, Old Concept

Welcome back to Marketing Insights from Bedford Street Marketing. Hope you had a great weekend and a productive Monday!!! Tonight's post is on Sub-Segmentation and it's importance in marketing campaigns and strategy. Everyday my Twitter feed and Instagram feed is filled up with offers to get more likes or followers using new advertising methods. Be … Continue reading Sub-Segmentation….. New Term, Old Concept

Random Thoughts on a Friday Night

Welcome back to a Friday edition of Marketing Insights!!!! I don't have a theme for this post. It's just a few random thoughts on a variety of topics. Topic 1: 420 Day My Social media news feed and even some of the traditional news channels are talking about 420 day. For those who aren't familiar, … Continue reading Random Thoughts on a Friday Night