Breaking News!!!!

Happy Thursday and if you know what happened to Spring, the police are currently investigating it’s disappearance.

I have some great news to share with you all tonight.

I started out this week blogging about Small Business – Small Business Week – The American Dream in Action – and it’s importance to our economy. I am happy to announce that Bedford Street Marketing, LLC has got the approval from the State and we are an official LLC!!!! We are now part of that wonderful world of Small Business!!!!

snoopy dance


I read a really inspirational quote on Instagram today that advised you celebrate every small success you have and I agree. It sounds like a silly thing to celebrate being an official LLC, since all it really takes is filling out the required forms and paying the fees to your State government.

But it’s more than that – what I mentioned above are just the mechanics of executing the process. As I noted in an earlier blog, the concept and idea for Bedford Street Marketing, LLC has been germinating for a long time. To finally see it through to where it is now an actual entity is a great feeling – the first step to what I hope is much larger and successful world. The work is just begun and now there are even more small steps I need to take to get everything set-up properly – but a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

So, I wanted to take this time to share my good news with you, my followers – and say thank you for following the blog.



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