Marketing DNA – we all are Data Scientists

Happy Wednesday and if you pay attention to the National Days Calendar, today is National DNA day, which commemorates the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003 and the discovery of the double helix of DNA in 1953.  An odd topic for a marketing blog to discuss, but there is a connection, I promise. But first, a little humor:


In our industry, we have the concept of Marketing DNA, which is “the complete view enterprises gain into their customers. Just as DNA in the biological sense is an individual’s unique genetic code, Customer DNA in the marketing sense is the customer’s unique behavior and tastes.” Imagine that, marketers have a little Sheldon Cooper in us, we’re all Data Scientists as we have to understand our customer’s DNA to effectively do our jobs.

One of the features of being a marketing professional I have always loved – is the need to be able to use your left-brain and right brain. We need to be creative and come up with designs and copy that inspire our audience to complete the desired activity. This means we have to be able to create marketing promotions that are aesthetically appealing, which is a function of our left brain.

Our right brain – our analytic side – is where Marketing DNA come into play. As I noted in my blog “Sub-segmentation…. New Term, Old Concept“, analytics drive marketing decisions. As the definition points out, this DNA is the customer’s unique behavior and tastes. How do we find what these behaviors and tastes are? We do it by pouring over results data and demographic data to create a Helix map of our customer. We create the marketing genetic code by analyzing data.

So, on this National DNA Day,  here is a big round of applause to all my Data Scientist colleagues. We are working with Marketing DNA every day!!!!


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