Small Business Week – The American Dream in Action

Happy Tuesday and Happy Small Business Week!!!! April 29th to May 5th is National Small Business Week, highlighting the contribution that the nearly 30 million small businesses make to US Economy. Another fun fact is small businesses employ almost 50% of the US workforce.

President Calvin Coolidge said “The business of America is business” and small businesses embody that quote perfectly. Unlike the Walmarts and large box stores, small business owners are part of the fabric of their communities. From the local tavern owner to a marketing consultant, we are the soul of the local economic system. Our customers are not just our customers, they are our neighbors. When you work with other local business owners, you are reinvesting in your community and working to make it the best possible place to live, work and play.

So with this in mind, here are a few ideas on how to celebrate National Small Business Week:

Form a Super Team: 

In sports like the NBA, it’s not uncommon for superstar athletes to join forces and create Super Teams. The idea is superbly talented individuals pool their collective talent and work towards a common goal – winning a championship. Small Business owners can do the same thing. If you need to market your product, restaurant, shop or idea, work with a local marketing consultant. You both know the area you are marketing to and working together shows the power of the local business community.

Offer specials/deals/new products this week:

Show off how great your product is this week!!! Promote Small Business Week deals. Engage the local community and customers by sharing your best offerings with them. Again, this goes back to the concept of building the local economy and engendering a feeling of community with your customers and business advocates. The idea here is to #keep it local.

Work with local charities/non-profits:

As Bedford Street Marketing, LLC is waiting for the state to rubber stamp our business filing, we can’t do this in 2018. However, if we were up and running, I would definitely have given a call to Friends of Felines or PAWS(Pet Animal Welfare Society) and set-up a promotion where a percentage of all sales this month go to their organization. Whatever social cause is important to you, using Small Business Week to bring attention to and raise funds for local non-profits is a a great community building idea. I will mention again that the concept is to build the local community and connect with your potential customers and existing customers.

Take Advantage of the promotions this week:

I received a great offer from Google this morning into my inbox. The offer was Your business has some great reviews we thought you’d like to share. Instantly turn your reviews into posts for social media, print-ready posters, and other promotional materials for your business. Google is offering a free kit to turn positive reviews into Social Media postings. As Small Business Owners, these programs are a great way to leverage positive customer feedback into effective social media marketing for no cost.

Have a great Tuesday night and again, thanks for all the recent likes and follows. Please leave us a comment or two and tell us how we are doing.

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