Never to Old to Succeed

Happy Monday and first full week of November!!!! Sometimes you come across a moment in history that dovetails into a good blog post topic and today Nov. 5th, happens to be one of those days. Back in 1994, George Foreman became the oldest man to win the Heavy Weight Championship of the World at age … Continue reading Never to Old to Succeed


Unexpected Good Fortune… springboard to more

Happy Thursday and Welcome to November!!!! It is indeed a happy Thursday. Sometimes in life, we get so caught up in the negative and it seems the harder we try to get ahead - the further we fall behind. It's like expending massive amounts of energy to only find out that the path you were … Continue reading Unexpected Good Fortune… springboard to more

The start of the Holiday Season…time for reflection

Happy Halloween!!! Hard to believe it's already November tomorrow. In many ways, the holiday season starts on November 1st. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and Christmas/Hanukkah right after that. It's the perfect time to start reflecting on 2018 and thinking about what your goals for 2019 will be - in life and … Continue reading The start of the Holiday Season…time for reflection

Seminal or Famous – Edison’s Medicine

The idea for this post is A) an extension of my post on success yesterday and B) driven by a historical fact I used as a social media post today. Today in 1931, Thomas Edison passed away. Edison is hailed as the "inventor" of such things as the light bulb, phonograph and kintescope just to … Continue reading Seminal or Famous – Edison’s Medicine

How do you define Success?

Happy Tuesday from blustery Connecticut. I can tell fall is in the air, as my seasonal allergies are starting to pick up again. The topic for discussion tonight is truly one of the most subjective in the world - Success. As humans and entrepreneurs the way we define success really defines us as well. As … Continue reading How do you define Success?

Innovative, Intelligent & Idiosyncratic…

Happy Monday and we're halfway to Halloween!!! Tonight I am looking for feedback from you, my faithful followers. Every good business has a tagline - a catchy summary of what their brand image signifies. When I was making some changes to my website a few weeks ago, I started thinking about what I wanted the … Continue reading Innovative, Intelligent & Idiosyncratic…

No Time like the Present….

Tonight's blog is literally derived from me getting pulled away on an emergency and having my usual schedule thrown asunder. It was this that got me thinking about time and the importance of it - in life and in business. Like the featured image for this blog says Time is more valuable than money because … Continue reading No Time like the Present….

Brand Extension – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Another week almost done and the weekend is right around the corner!!! As I was working and thinking about promotions and ideas to improve Bedford Street Marketing today, the idea of brand development and brand extension popped into my head. We, as a firm, are still in the brand development phase - fine tuning our … Continue reading Brand Extension – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Entrepreneurship is a journey… not a destination

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the brilliant philosopher, is responsible for many inspirational quotes. The one that best summarizes tonight's blog is "Life is a journey, not a destination." Starting and building a business is much like life - a never ending journey of learning and growing, not a destination for material success or fame. With that … Continue reading Entrepreneurship is a journey… not a destination