Direct Marketing – The Art of Storytelling

Happy Friday!!! We made it and the weekend is here.


Just a short post tonight, as I know we’ve all had a long week. I find the National Day Calendar really interesting and fun. It’s amazing what strange and fun national days exist and some that make you wonder how did they come up with that one. April 27th is National Tell A Story Day. It’s a day that we are all encouraged to get out there and tell a story to someone.

However, I was struck by the fact that direct marketers tell a story every day of the year. It’s our job and in our professional DNA to tell the most convincing stories, so our clients can successfully sell their brand and products. And it’s not just our clients we do this for, we tell a story about our own companies and as Individuals, that are meant to inspire and create a response.

So, how do we tell a story in the marketing industry? I have a few ideas I’d like to share:

Branding and Content:

It seems 101 but your brand has to be consistent in it’s content. It can start with a logo for your business. What does the logo convey? What’s the message you want the viewer to think and feel when they see the logo? Your logo tells a story of who you are.

Social media posts, blogs, special offers, email campaigns all need to carry that same story that your logo inspires. So, if you’re a marketing consultant, you want your content and posts to educate the readers on marketing trends and also inspire confidence in your abilities to effectively market a potential client’s product. You are telling a story that you hope will make your readers reach out to you for advice.

Professional and Customer Relationships:

The way we interact with our colleagues and clients is the story we are telling above in action. Be responsive to their needs, always exceed expectations and conduct yourself in an ethical and moral fashion. In addition to the expertise you bring to the table, the way you conduct yourself in business and personal relationships is an extension of your brand’s story. It sounds simple, but sometimes it is the hardest part of telling your story.

Never Stop Learning:

Once you’ve established your logo and brand image, conveyed it via your content and carried it through to personal interactions, figure out what you need to learn to improve that story. It could be that you become certified in Google Adwords or Analytics. Maybe you take a course and learn how to build analytic models or just take the time to attend a few webinars on new industry trends. Your story will evolve as you incorporate this new knowledge. It will make it more robust and compelling. Learning is a process that no matter how old we get, we never outgrow.

Well, that’s it for this week. Thank you so much to all of the follows I received this week. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and it’s content. As always, let me know what you think and if there are any topics you want to see covered in future posts. Have a great weekend!!!


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